Trajectory Pricing Changes

We are commited to Trajectory and have been listening to your feedback on the service and working to make Trajectory stick around for a long time to come. We’re announcing today several important changes to the way Trajectory pricing works.

You can now use Trajectory for free

The first, and most important change is that we are changing from a free-trial model, and introducing a completely free plan level that gives you one project, two users, and 1 GB of free storage. Now, individuals and small teams can use Trajectory completely free, and people who are just kicking the tires can do so as long as they’d like.

User limits

In addition to introducing the completely free plan level, we’ve also introduced user limits on all of the other plan levels. We’ve grandfathered all existing accounts into the current number of users you have. So, if you’re currently above your limit, there is nothing you need to do today, and you can continue to use Trajectory at the same price you pay now. However, in the future, if you need to add even more users, you will need to upgrade to the appropriate plan level.

The new user limits are as follows:

  • Free: 2 users
  • Micro: 3 users
  • Small: 10 users
  • Medium: 25 users
  • Large: 50 users

Please don’t hesitate to contact us  if you have any questions about these changes.

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