Introducing Story Tagging

The ability to tag stories was one of our next most requested features. We’re pleased to announce that you can now tag your stories in Trajectory!

Tags are located on the right hand side of the story, above your git branch.

Adding a tag

Add a tag by tying into the tag field. If you have previously entered a tag for the project, it will autocomplete your tag name. 

Browse and Filtering

You can easily see related tags by hover over them. This will highlight all other tags with the same name. 

You can also click on a tag to only show stories with that tag.  In our example, clicking “wip”


Removing tags

You can easily remove a tag by hitting backspace (delete on a mac) when a tag is selected or click the “x” next to the tag name. 


Tags can be used to categorize stories. One use case would be to tag stories that are related to the header of the site with the tag of “header”. There are endless possibilities so go and get tagging!

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