Full featured JSON API now available

We’ve just published full details on the publicly available Uploads and Comments APIs. We’ve also updated the API documentation to reflect the full details of our new subscriber management system. These were the last few pieces of Trajectory that were not part of the API.

With these changes, the Trajectory API is now complete encompasses all of the functionality in the Stories and Ideas interface of Trajectory, and you can read the full documentation on our help site.

Whats more, the entire Trajectory Stories and Ideas interface is now completely driven from this same JSON API. Everything relating to the creation and management of Stories and Ideas that Trajectory does, you can now do via the exact same API.

This now means that, if you wanted, you could create a completely alternate client or interface to Trajectory using the same API that we ourselves use for the application.

We’re excited to see what people will do with this API. If you do something interesting, please let us know at support@thoughtbot.com.

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