The Rhythm Method

One of our goals for Trajectory is to provide a guided path to a better way to develop software. When possible, we let that influence the way Trajectory works. Iterations are each one week. We find that an iteration length of one week is a natural rhythm which shouldn’t be ignored and will lend itself well to… Continue reading The Rhythm Method

How velocity and team strength work in Trajectory

How Trajectory deals with velocity Trajectory calculates your current velocity by averaging the points accepted in the last three iterations. This number represents a good estimate of the number of points you can expect to accomplish in the current iteration. Trajectory also uses this number to break out upcoming stories into an estimated schedule. This… Continue reading How velocity and team strength work in Trajectory

Announcing Campfire Integration

I’m very pleased to announce the availability of Campfire integration with Trajectory. Setup is straightforward. As an admin on your account, edit the project you’d like to broadcast notifications about in Campfire. Then click the new “Configure services” link in the upper right hand side of the Edit Project page. Click the Campfire link and complete the… Continue reading Announcing Campfire Integration

Introducing Story Tagging

The ability to tag stories was one of our next most requested features. We’re pleased to announce that you can now tag your stories in Trajectory! Tags are located on the right hand side of the story, above your git branch. Adding a tag Add a tag by tying into the tag field. If you… Continue reading Introducing Story Tagging

Trajectory Pricing Changes

We are commited to Trajectory and have been listening to your feedback on the service and working to make Trajectory stick around for a long time to come. We’re announcing today several important changes to the way Trajectory pricing works. You can now use Trajectory for free The first, and most important change is that… Continue reading Trajectory Pricing Changes

We’ve switched to Markdown text formatting

By popular request, we’ve switched the text formatting in Trajectory from Textile to Markdown (Github Flavored)! All previous comments and Ideas have been converted from Textile to Markdown, and all formatting should be done using Markdown going forward. We don’t anticipate any issues in the conversion, but if you see something amiss, please contact us… Continue reading We’ve switched to Markdown text formatting