Minimized simplicity

Use the Ideas section to discuss and plan new features. Creating related stories is fast and simple.

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Hi, we’re thoughtbot. We built Trajectory because we wanted a better tool to manage our software projects.

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We wanted a tool that was good for writing user stories, bugs, and to-dos but also as good for managing the discussions happening around them.

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Trajectory helps you stay focused on what matters. Ideas are where you discuss the goals for your project. Based on that discussion, you create stories for the implementation. Trajectory makes it easy to see all the stories for an Idea and track progress toward your goal.



Trajectory allows us to develop and integrate across multiple teams seamlessly. It doesn’t get any easier than this to stay agile.

Rick Stern, Web Project Manager, Livestream

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Minimized simplicity

We like your app at simple, clear, just what we need.

Ben Colon, Lead Developer,

Stories can be estimated on an 8 point scale, or turned into todos, bugs, or milestones.

See your progress for the current iteration based on your expected velocity.

It’s easy to select, add, and insert stories at any point in your queue.

See your historical velocity at a glance. Clicking shows a detailed view.